Base unit

Base with black or white acrylic ceiling/bottom.

Add-on unit

Add-on with black or white acrylic ceiling.

Example 1

Base + Add-on with black or white acrylic ceiling/bottom.

Example 2

Base + 2 x Add-on with black or white acrylic ceiling/bottom.

Bright White or Stylish Black

The opale plates of our White version offer maximum brightness when the lights come on. We also provide these plates in transparent black (Black2White). They add a certain style to the displays while only reducing the overall brightness a little bit.

White       and       Black2White

Hyper Base

Everything starts with a Hyper Base.
This brings you :

Hyper Addon

This unit builds on top of a Hyper Base.
This brings you :



Everybody likes your collection and wants to enjoy it. Cats, dogs and children are especially attracted by the vivid colours and compositions. 4 mm thick acrylic sheets keeps the danger away. A coating makes your windows more scratch resistant.

Premium Components

First grade aluminium profiles – Industrial lightning system – Powder coated


Looking to connect your collection ?
You want to add specific light-up items ?
The item needs a turntable ?
Connect them all to a wall socket through one of the two gateways.

Modular design

Build your display the way you like it. Black frame with white background and black shelf or all white ? All combinations are possible. Windows or no windows, that is up to you. One unit ? 2? 3? You can stack your units (we recommend max 250cm high) as you want. To make things complete you can change the background from shiny to matte by just turning it around. Small effort, big difference !.

Optimal lighting

Where are the spotlights I hear you say ? In the White or Black2White versions the display IS the spotlight. The entire shelf and ceiling are a source of dimmable light so your collection is perfectly illuminated. Even the black acrylic plates (top and bottom) become transparent when you put the lights on.

No dust !

Dust is every collectors nightmare. Most incidents occur while dusting the collection. Hyper Displays are designed in such a way that dust is kept out as much as possible. Cabels can go in and out through rubber gateways. Windows are sealed into the frame. All other openings are kept to the absolute minimum.

Full customizable

You prefer a special colour ?

Specific measurements ?

Let us tell you what is possible !!